Sunday, 23 September 2007

Networking Schools Internationally

Last week’s meeting with Jackson School, via Skype and discoverE, in Massachusetts highlighted to me how easy it is (via the internet) to virtually meet with schools across international borders - which could be used to great effect for learning (and of course it’s free).

However, one of the issues might be finding an appropriate school that would like to meet with your school.
With a large number of registered roythezebra users in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand plus other nations (a big hello to schools in Buenos Aires...), I was thinking I could quite easily put you in touch with like-minded teachers and schools in order to meet virtually - it could be to share or read stories that the children have written or simply to explain what it’s like living in a different part of the world... having that ‘real life’ contact can be so important for motivation and learning.

Naturally everyone involved would need to be vetted prior to meeting, but this is just an initial thought... if you’d like to get involved just let me know...



ps. leave me a note here if you think it’s a good idea... if I get an overwhelming response then I’ll put it out to everyone via email...


  1. Dear Tim, what an amazing experience this might be! Getting so close to schools from so far!!!Our school would love to be in touch with other schools around the world!
    I never thought that when suggesting my teachers at school R0y the zebra this would happen! I am the head to primary at Colegio san Antonio in Buenos AIres, and both my teachers of year 2 used your interactive site, the results were wonderful! Not only did the teachers enjoy and like the story but the children simpply fell in love with it! Thanks for creating such a site, and do please continue with your brilliant job! We are all expectant of what is coming! Love Grace

  2. Hi Grace

    Thanks for your kind comments - glad your kids have liked the site... if you drop me an email to - I can put you in touch with an American school.

    I'm going to send out an email to all the registered teachers and ask if they'd like to get involved...

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Best wishes