Monday, 1 December 2014

Update on Operation Lucy...

Update on Operation Lucy...
Hi William

Many thanks for sending me your letter, I really loved reading it, and it made me happy to think that Roy the zebra had made you happy when you were reading the story... the next book is coming out very soon, it has been a massive job with more than 7 drawing pads filled with my pictures of Roy and his friends. I am just finishing off coloring the pictures and then I'll be finished, so it should either be just after Easter or the beginning of the summer term... I am sorry if that sounds a long way off!

Reading is great isn't it. If you can read Roy the zebra then that means you can now read lots of other books too, think about what kind of stories you love and what you like to do and I am sure that Ms Green will be able to find you a great book to read. Perhaps one on animals, or football, or dinosaurs, or... I'll leave that to you.

Thank you again for writing to me, it also reminded me that I needed to update my blog, so thank you for that too!

Best regards


Tim Bowerbank

Here's another pic from the book...
Dear Tim,
I have been reading your Roy the Zebra books. My name is William and I am 7 years old. I am happy when I read your books. I am waiting for your new book when is it going to come out? This is the sentences for your blog:

Little Mo’s Best Letter

Secretly, Little Mo was writing an extended letter to Lucy to rescue her despite the fact she was in the annoying zoo. How will Lucy manage to escape?

From William