Thursday, 19 November 2015

Singular Plural (adding 's') for iPads and Android

Hi All,

Pleased to announce that another reading game has been converted so that it plays nicely on an iPad or Android devices. It's the Singular Plural adding 's' game that sees Lucy in her zoo cell, place the singular and plural words correctly and you get to give Lucy something to decorate her zoo cell with.

There are five versions of the game covering: words we use at school, words we use on the farm, words we use at home, clothes we wear and food we eat.

Here's a screen grab - you can access the game here...
Singular plural game for iPad and Android
Help Lucy sort her singular and plural words...

Don't forget that these games are free and also come with lesson plans plus printables to help you save time.

Don't worry Lucy, Roy is on the way to rescue you. Quick update on Operation Lucy... it's finished! Wo... that took a long time, but sorry it's not accessible yet as we're working on the site that will go with it. Will keep you updated from this blog.