Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Words Within Words for Tablets (iPad and Android)

Another quick blog post... just converted another flash reading game into one for iPad and Android tablets. It's been on my website for quite some time and now pleased to announce it's another one you'll be able to use on your tablets.

Help give Lucy some toys to brighten up her cell at the zoo by finding the words within the words. BTW, Operation Rescue Lucy is finished but we're building a new site for it, more on that later.

Here are the links you need (already on the website) plus a few screen grabs.
Happy Christmas to you all.

Words within words (open, small, still, train)
Words within words (other, start, thing, crayon)
Words within words (before, kitten, catch, clean)
Words within words (donkey, today, often, narrow)
Words within words (barking, think, another, teacher)

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Singular Plural (adding 's') for iPads and Android

Hi All,

Pleased to announce that another reading game has been converted so that it plays nicely on an iPad or Android devices. It's the Singular Plural adding 's' game that sees Lucy in her zoo cell, place the singular and plural words correctly and you get to give Lucy something to decorate her zoo cell with.

There are five versions of the game covering: words we use at school, words we use on the farm, words we use at home, clothes we wear and food we eat.

Here's a screen grab - you can access the game here...
Singular plural game for iPad and Android
Help Lucy sort her singular and plural words...

Don't forget that these games are free and also come with lesson plans plus printables to help you save time.

Don't worry Lucy, Roy is on the way to rescue you. Quick update on Operation Lucy... it's finished! Wo... that took a long time, but sorry it's not accessible yet as we're working on the site that will go with it. Will keep you updated from this blog.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

High Frequency Word Games for Tablets (iPad and Android)

Hi All, just to let you know that I have converted another set of games into versions that will run on an iPad plus other tablet devices (e.g. Kindlefire, Nexus, Hudl, Samsung Galaxy), but also on smart phones (iPhone, Android etc.). The new versions focus on the learning of high frequency words; notably for days of the week, months of the year, numbers to twenty, and colours (with a US version: colors also).

If you use RTZ frequently you'll know this game theme well; it's the one with Uncle Tom in it getting ready for bed... sort the high frequency words into their correct order and then if successful you can give Uncle Tom one of his bedtime bits (glass of water, hay, socks and a blanket). Here's a screen grab for you...

And some links to the content:
- Days of the week
- Months of the year
- Colours (UK version)
- Colors (US version)
- Numbers to twenty

Just to finish off, if you're wondering how progress is going with Operation Rescue Lucy, then I am nearly there! Only 3 pictures left to colour (out of 77). I will then need to put into the right format so it can accessed so I hope to have it to you mid autumn term (with a following wind). There will be a small affordable price associated with it.

Any feedback on any of the above, as always gratefully received.

Best wishes


Tim Bowerbank

Monday, 20 April 2015

Alphabetical Order Games for Tablets (iPad and Android compatible)

We've just launched a new set of games that are focused on alphabetical Order and are suitable for being played on iPad and other tablet devices. It's a remake / enhanced version of the original Mo the zerbra alphabetical order game which has been on the site for many years. Here's a screen grab of it... follow the links in the main game menu pages in order to play it.
alphabetical order game for iPad and Android
New Alphabetical Order Game for Tablets (iPad and Android compatible)

If you have any feedback then of course, as always I would love to hear it.... leave me a note here.

Apologies for the silence on this blog; you might think that nothing has been happening this end... but that couldn't be further from the truth... I'm finishing off Operation Rescue Lucy (currently colouring ch6 of 7) and re-making all the flash content on the site so that it can run on tablets and other mobile devices.

Best wishes for now,