Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Words Within Words for Tablets (iPad and Android)

Another quick blog post... just converted another flash reading game into one for iPad and Android tablets. It's been on my website for quite some time and now pleased to announce it's another one you'll be able to use on your tablets.

Help give Lucy some toys to brighten up her cell at the zoo by finding the words within the words. BTW, Operation Rescue Lucy is finished but we're building a new site for it, more on that later.

Here are the links you need (already on the website) plus a few screen grabs.
Happy Christmas to you all.

Words within words (open, small, still, train)
Words within words (other, start, thing, crayon)
Words within words (before, kitten, catch, clean)
Words within words (donkey, today, often, narrow)
Words within words (barking, think, another, teacher)