Monday, 6 February 2012

Operation Lucy by Richmond Primary School

A big thank you to Richmond Primary school (Fremantle, WA) for their excellent ideas on how Roy will rescue Lucy the elephant. Some amazing story-lines that included an Apache helicopter (that George luckily knew how to fly...), Ryan the Rhino smashing into the zoo wall , other helicopter escapes, distracting zoo-keepers with an alarm clock (... I gave Richmond some clues to what's involved in the story, one clue was an alarm clock...), stealing a car (eh hem... borrowing?), a quick getaway in a plane, using a bomb and putting Lucy into a protective kevlar suit!

So specially big thanks to: Bailey, Elizabeth, Luinsok, Lucas, Noah, Sophia, Sophie, Isabella, Elizabeth, Tali, Lily, Callum, Matt, Ella, Adam, Ned, Darcy, Joe, Alyx, Charlotte, Rowan,Lachlan, and Ashley (I hope I got all your names correct). It was really amazing to read your story-endings so thank you for sending them to me. And a special thank you to Colleen and Sue for helping get the stories from Australia to the UK. By the way, you are very lucky to be living in Fremantle - I've been there twice and loved it!

I've taken the opportunity to upload some of your pictures and stories in a gallery below...

Thank you Richmond Primary School.

Best wishes