Saturday, 10 November 2007

USA, Latvia, UK, Australia and Japan Virtual Meeting

Yesterday, working closely with Lorraine Leo (a BIG thank you), Technology Integrator at Jackson School, Massachussetts, we were able to facilitate an online meeting between 5 nations around the world, including myself in the UK, Lorraine and Noel in the US, Tanja and Madara in Latvia, Geoff in Australia and last, but not least, Sigeto Sakari from Japan.

The session allowed the students to meet each other and then to use the online discoverE interactive whiteboard software to draw with each other creating an underwater ocean scene - we used a background from one of the Roy the zebra games and discoverE's drawing tools and then text tools to give all our sea creatures names and to say something about themselves...

It was an amazing feat and we all felt very proud of ourselves, great that we had managed to meet, communicate and create without any barriers...

Sakari also kindly shared other news with us from Japan... specifically a concert that his students had performed at.

I have included a screen grab of our output - beautiful octopus from Madara and some great fish (especially Speckles) from Noel... well done everyone!

If you're reading this and would like to network with other schools and engage in this way please send me an email..., thanks again to Lorraine for bringing everyone together and also to Geoff from discoverE for allowing us to use his software.

Best wishes Tim...


  1. Thanks Tim :-) and Lorraine and Geoff and Sakari ! It was exciting experiment !
    Tanja from Latvia :-)

  2. This is wonderful posting. Thank you.