Thursday, 20 September 2007

Virtual Classroom Meeting / Jackson School Massachusetts

Very exciting afternoon yesterday - via Skype and some rather cool ‘Virtual Classroom’ software I was able to spend some excellent time with a small group of students and their teacher from 'Jackson School' in Newton, Massachusetts, USA (

Using Skype the students were able to ask me questions about the interactive Roy the zebra story and also to ask me my thoughts on the ‘Rescue Lucy’ online story and how that was coming along.

We then used the ‘discoverE’ virtual classroom software ( which allowed me to upload a powerpoint presentation with a number of my recent sketches - this included some new characters for the next story... we were able to talk about the story and what the plot could be.

Also using the discoverE software I was able to draw Roy and friends on the virtual interactive whiteboard. The students were able to draw with me adding stripes and to colour some of my drawings... wow...amazing to think that we’re thousands of miles apart... and using Australian software!

A big thank you to Lorraine Leo, their teacher, in helping to facilitate this, all the Jackson students and to Geoff Kaye, of CompuEd, for letting us use the virtual classroom software.

It was so great to meet the students and get direct feedback on and the other good thing... it was totally free as we were talking through the internet - VoIP (Voice over the internet protocol)...

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