Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Operation: 'Rescue Lucy' Interactive Story

Work has begun on ‘Operation: Rescue Lucy’ - lots of you have been asking me when the next story is coming out and now with the new site designed I can put all my effort into writing the next interactive story... I’m interested to know whether I should go with the original title, which is ‘Operation: Rescue Lucy’ or go for the ‘Get Lucy’ (like Get Carter)... you can see I’ve got far... stuck already on the title.. (!)

I kinda like the latter... if you have a spare moment leave a note here letting me know what you think...

Also, the last story was written into 9 parts... which meant the story could be spread over a couple of weeks I mapped out the plot this last Friday and and I think it’s going to be another nine part story... I guess you could do the first story and then leave it a month and do ‘Get Lucy’... any thoughts or strong feelings welcome...
So, armed only with a pencil and a sketchpad I’m forging forward... even though I love the internet and all the flashy things that it can do my favourite tool is still the ol’ pencil and a piece of paper... HB to be precise, tried using a 4B the other day - what a disaster...

As I draw the pictures - I’ll be uploading some of them to this blog... you can try and guess what’s going on...

Best Tim


  1. Thank you for writing the story of Roy. We enjoyed reading the story together and doing the activities. We look forward to reading you next story about Lucy.

    A Year 1 class in East London

  2. Thankyou for the 9 parts of the story Roy. We really enjoyed the story. We can't wait to read the next story about Lucy the elephant.
    Thanks again,
    The Year 1/2 class in Western Australia

  3. We all adore Roy in our Year 1 class in Cheltenham. It has done amazing things for our reading and the games and worksheets are fantastic! We can't wait for the next adventure.
    from K1S

  4. We loved reading Roy the Zebra! Our Grade 1 Class from Coatesville Primary in Melbourne say:

    "It was fun to watch!"
    "Can't wait to see what happens to Lucy!"
    "When will it be finished?"
    "It made me laugh when Roy did the warp-drive"
    "It was funny when George yelled 'yeeehaaa'!!"

  5. Thank you for writing Roy the Zebra. We have enjoyed reading about his adventures and we look forward to finding out how Roy helps to rescue Lucy.
    Year 1 class, Queensland

  6. Thank you sooooo much for writing Roy the Zebra! We love it! we can't wait for part 10! i think it's great to do parts as it keeps the suspense going. thanks again, Julie in Wimbledon

  7. It could have been a bit more interesting but i did like that Roy found his herd

  8. A wonderful site.
    For your next story my j.p. class like the title: Operation: Rescue Lucy. They say it will be a big task to get an elephant out of the zoo and are particularly looking forward to see if there are any more disguises. (They loved the paper bag and the bin lid, they also loved the moustache!)

  9. Our class loved Roy's story!! Thank you for writing them. We thought the pictures were amazing!

    We can't wait for Lucy's adventure. We think it will be really exciting!

    From a Year One class in Canberra

  10. We loved Roy the Zebra. Any updates for us on Operation Lucy?

  11. We have just finished reading Roy the Singing Zebra and we cannot wait to read Operation Rescue Lucy. Please tell us when it will be finished. Blue G in Eagleby

  12. I have just finished reading Roy with my 3/4 support class. They loved it so much some of them found it online at home because they couldn't wait to see what happens.They are very keen to read the next story. Thank you for providing a great literacy tool. Regards, class 3/4 Silvertop and Mrs Tyler, Sydney

  13. Love your website!!!! My first graders are begging for "Operation: Rescue Lucy". I think you should keep the title, it explains what the next part is about. When I am reading your stories from my interactive whiteboard all eyes are glued! I am using it as a tool for not only reading but writing as well. Can't wait for the next one!
    Hilary Lambert
    First Grade
    Granby, CT USA

  14. I really enjoyed the story.I thought it was very funny when Roy did the warp drive to escape from the zoo.My favourite characters are Lucy and Mo.

    Katie Fleet, Hampshire

  15. Thank you for the beautiful story. We enjoyed reading and playing. The little kids are eagerly waiting for Lucy´s story.
    A year 1 class in Concordia, Argentina, S.A.

  16. A year 1 class Nambour Qld
    My class loved Roy!
    The kids wanted to go straight onto the next one with Lucy. Unfortunately it still looks like it has not been done.
    We used it in a Term doing a story a week. It actually got the kids interested in sentence construction. It would be great if you could do 4 different stories with 9 parts in each. To fit nicely with school Terms (Im not sure if it is like that in other countries)
    Please write more!

  17. Roy was brilliant. Perfect for my speech and language class. Some great vocabulary extension. Love the small chunks, this is how they learn best. Got some great cross curricular stuff too.

    WHERE'S LUCY ????? Surely you've not left Lucy back in the zoo without Roy??? What about George??? Did he stay or did he go?

  18. To the comment above...
    Thank you for your comment, really glad that you enjoyed reading about Roy the Zebra. I have just finished Operation Rescue Lucy, and we're redesigning the site where it will be home.

    I'm looking for a few schools to read it before we launch it and let me know what they think... if you email me direct then I can let you access the story.


  19. how do we get access to operation rescue Lucy? This is a fab website

    1. Hi Daniel, please email me Many thanks, Tim