Friday, 16 September 2016

Last ones done! Words that rhyme for iPads and Android devices...

Pleased to say that I have completed all the words that rhyme games so that they can be played on iPad and Android devices.

This last set has Belinda the chicken in it - the one with apples on her tree! And I have enhanced the game in comparison to the previous flash version (which is still there if you need it - made in 2005!). It looks good and is nice to play on your iPad, so have fun using it.

Here are some screen grabs and links so that you can go direct to the reading games from here.

Here are the links for the games:
Words that rhyme with cat
Words that rhyme with lad
Words that rhyme with gap
Words that rhyme with jam
Words that rhyme with man

Next job... mmm, convert the stories I think to make them tablet-friendly.
Blog again soon!

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