Friday, 30 November 2012

Help needed with my colours!

Mmm, probably shouldn't admit it but I am red-green colour blind which always makes working with colours a challenging feat for me! And with working on Operation Lucy there's a lot of work to do with colours… all the pictures have to be coloured in. Not my favourite task either, but I know you have some really keen color-inners in your classes so I've linked below to a number of black and white drawings below which need colouring… whilst you're waiting for Operation to Lucy to come out please feel free to use the drawings as a resource for your class… I'd really love to see them too as they will give me some ideas on colours to use… so email them over and add a caption to what you think is happening in each picture…

What's happening 2

What's happening 3

I've also included some colored drawings that I recently finished… let me know what you think!

Best wishes


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