Monday, 17 September 2012

Operation Lucy / Interactive Book...

OK, no more apologies, actions speak louder than words... I’m on it. There’s writing, drawing, scanning and coloring-in going on, plus a neat interactive book being put together for the next episode: Operation Lucy. It does take time ... you have been waiting patiently, I know – sorry!  I will be also be adding it to the software with a whole load of extras that hopefully you’ll find interesting... I’ve popped in a couple of the pics from the story below and some sketches of elephants I did from photos... was not happy with Lucy so went back to basics... studying what they should look like in real life and then making them into Lucy...

I don’t have an estimated time of release yet, but I am working on it... and not on anything else! Apart from the other job... I work 2.5 days a week for Roy.


  1. I am so glad to learn that you are working on another interactive story. I teach special education in a small rural school in Maine, and my students LOVE Roy the Zebra. Your web site has really engaged and motivated them. Please do keep up the great work. It is definitely a valuable resource for teachers.

    Betsey Kneeland

  2. I teach students from a refugee background at Inala state school in Brisbane Australia.
    My students love Roy the Zebra. We cannot wait to find out what happens to Lucy.
    Alwyne Coffin-Grey
    ESL teacher

  3. That's exciting news! We are so grateful to you (and Roy the Zebra of course) as when we took the very scary plunge into homeschooling our boys nearly two years ago, following Roys story was a real lifesaver for us and gave us the confidence to really go for it with the homeschooling. We have not looked back since. The boys even 'act out' the plank/bucket escape in the garden sometimes - it is so funny! Can't wait for operation lucy. you are really very talented. thank you and well done. x